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Agent Testimonials


Read for yourself on what our agents experience here!

“Breaking into real estate is hard, and new agents need support. Lots of it. They need a place full of people who make themselves available for a quick text or call on the evenings and weekends, when most real estate business actually happens. You’ll find that at Amy Tapp Realty. I knew from my first meeting with Amy and her team that she was just as eager for me to succeed as I was. In the first six months here, she’s celebrated my wins and coached me through the rest. And the weekly trainings and workshops she provides always highlight something new, even for the more experienced agents. I’m so glad I chose ATR, and you will be too!” – Eric Finley

“Amy Tapp Realty has been the best place to work! The environment is so welcoming, and everyone in the office is always there to help when needed. Walking through the office doors feels like I am home. Amy truly cultivates an office that feels like a family. I am so thankful to have landed at Amy Tapp Realty and am excited that this is where my real estate career is going to start! There is so much opportunity here to grow, learn, and become successful!” – Blaire Van Riper

“ATR welcomed me with open arms from day one and I haven’t looked back. Even as a client prior to becoming an agent, ATR has been my ride or die for real estate.” – Whitney Weems

“If you are looking for a place to grow your business, friendships, and faith, ATR is the place to be!” -Rhonda Williams

“ATR is a brokerage that has agents in all stages of their real estate career and agents that truly want each other to succeed in real estate.” – Kari Campanella

“ATR genuinely wants to see their agents become leaders! I love being part of ATR because it is truly a family. I’ve never felt a sense of competition in our office.” -J’Lynn Mounce

“The ATR team, from the top down, truly cares about its agents and their success. They value the input of each agent and hold frequent meetings/forums to constantly improve. ATR is not scared to change in order to help everybody succeed. Being here, I have the most fun I’ve ever had as an agent. ATR means family to me. Upon walking into our building, you can 100% feel that. Agents genuinely like each other…that’s a big difference in comparison to other companies I have worked for. More than fair agent/brokerage splits, friendly staff, support when needed, and being allowed to conduct my busines in the manner I see most beneficial…the list could go on and on. It is a great place to be!” – Chris Farrell